May 7, 2022Liked by Cornelius Stahlblau

"the Allies and the Axis– were just performing the ritualized theatrics of war, a massive blood sacrifice to bring about the next avatars of Technoeconomic Evolution"

Beautifully and hauntingly put. War consolidates consensus and reveals priorities better than the bickering that precedes it - in the present case, I imagine the culture war will disappear quickly once economies collapse, resources dry up, and distrust in elites become totalized.

I share a vision with you of what will, or at least needs to change, but I also wonder where all the rage at the current system's failures will go, as it has to go somewhere. At best it will be directed at the right, or at least most useful, enemy. I was hopeful Epstein was a sign of turning against the evil of the current elites, but that's already been memory holed. So who knows.

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